MUFC Summer Soccer Rules for 2017

If you have any questions see Neil, Gavin or Peter. NO Alcohol or bottles are to be taken to the ground. If teams do, they will forfeit matches.

MUFC is a licenced venue so all drinks to be purchase from club.

1. This is a senior competition i.e. 16 yrs. and older. Current 14 year representative players (Southern & above) are eligible. This is a Football NSW directive.

2. This is a 7 a side mixed competition, a maximum of 5 Males on the field at any time. (total of 12 players per team)

3. A Maximum of 2 male & 2 female 1st grade players per team (Graded by the MUFC Directors)

4. No females are to play as a goalkeeper. No currant playing 1st grade goalkeepers are permitted to play in the position of goalkeeper (unless approved by the MUFC Directors).

5. Goalkeepers are to have a different shirt than the rest of the team.

6. Goalkeepers can only be changed during a break in play.

7. All normal rules apply although there is no offside except at the kick off.

8. All yellow & red cards apply & will be used by referees.

9. A blue card is a forced substitution (used for a calm down situation)

10. The referee will always be right & supported by the club.

11. Judiciary has the right to suspend players.

12. There will be NO slide tackles.

13. Intimidation shown towards women will not be tolerated.

14. All substitutions are to be made from the half way line. Player MUST leave the field before next player takes the field.

15. Foul & abusive language will not be tolerated.

16. Team sheets must be signed before the start of each game. If teams have players take the field before signing on, this will result in loss of points.

17. All registration fees are to be paid in full before you can take the field. If anyone takes the field unregistered the team may be banned from the competition.

18. Joggers may be worn.

19. Shin pads are compulsory. NO shin pads means NO play.

20. 25 mins each half with a 5 minute half time break.

21. Washout weeks will be played on a Tuesday Night.

22. At the end of the round the teams will be split into A, B & C division for a semi final & grand finals with 4 teams in each grade.

23. There is to be NO glass bottles taken to the oval

24. No player can take the field unless fully financial. (NO Exemptions)

25. All Games will start on the hooter & finish each half at the hooter

26. If a side has not taken the field within 5 minutes of hooter that side forfeits the game.

27. There will be no score greater than a plus 4 goal win recorded in the for and against. (ie 9-2 score line is recorded as a 6-2 win only).