Summer Soccer Starts this Thursday, jump on to MUFC.NET.AU to see the draw. There are quite a few players still not financial remember no pay no play.

Don’t feel like cooking? Stoney our famous BBQ chef will have the MUFC STONE GRILL fired up so hang around and have a snag or steak sanga while watching some great football.

The bar will be open bring your family and friends and make a night of it SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL CLUB.

On a serious note;

Hopefully this involves none of our MUFC Summer Soccer players. On Monday we set out the fields and put the posts in place. Tuesday morning it was discovered one post was removed late Monday afternoon and pulled across to where the nets are for winter soccer, not a easy task, so it needed to be a few people involved. Again hopefully no MUFC players were involved, so remember if you are caught moving goal posts you will be de-registered for summer soccer and don’t worry who ever it is will be caught.

Reminder MUFC is liable for un-secured posts the penalty is $2000 or 2 years in jail, I would not like to be held responsable for the injury or death of anyone squashed under one.

Regards MUFC Directors