Primary Girls 2017 played their last game of the season on Saturday 9th September and this match was followed by their Presentation. The girls and coach Gwen thank Caylie Wise for her attendance to present the trophies to each player. All enjoyed a morning tea afterwards and a big thanks to Sue in the canteen for her attendance and valuable assistance. 



At Lighthouse Oval, over twenty years ago, girls at Soccer watched their brothers

“We want to play and have a go!” They spread the word and gathered others

Primary Girls Soccer thus was born, hence the sisters were no more forlorn

The fields on Saturdays saw more girls, with boots and shin pads – Soccer ‘pearls’


In 2017, many years later, Primary Girls remain, even greater

This year numbering thirty-five, playing at home so no long drive

Every season without any fear, Primary Girls arrive, to Mrs J’s cheer

Some ‘oldies’ return and ‘newies’ start. All love Soccer, giving it their heart


This season, there were two five-year players, Phoebe (P) and Rose, real true stayers

Four years for Zoe, and Ebony, surviving spills, Three years for others, giving them thrills

Annabelle, Danyah, Sienna and Brie, Tamika, (with Dad, Rick, as team referee)

Two years for Elsie, Emma-Jane, Alira, Mia, Ella (W), Jordan, Porscha, Jaslyn, Olivia

First year for some, ever so keen, playing soccer at Lighthouse on the oval green

Avara, Bonnie, Emily, Claire and Frida, Micki, Michaela, Olive and Peta

Phoebe (G), Phoebe (R), Ruby , Tahlia, Ella (C), Ella (F), Saige and sister Amali

All thirty-five girls did themselves proud. The cheers for each one should be LOUD!


Enthusiastic supporters each Saturday game. Primary Girls deserve their growing fame

Thanks to Josie and Samson for taking over, when Mrs J flew out to be a Taiwan rover

Thanks Rick and others who’ve assisted this season. All girls’ dedication is surely the reason

That many have helped at games and with training. Thanks to those who work at the oval, maintaining

Great fields, equipment and canteen for all, organising match times and always ready at call

Special mention to Rod and lovely lady Sue. Our club could not function without you


Thanks to Club Sponsors and Ex-Servos for their news. Thanks from every girl in Primary Reds and Blues

So as the season ends, go out and spread the word, Primary Girls are No. 1 to those who haven’t heard

Encourage those you know to join up in ’18. It’s fun to become part of the local Soccer scene

To the girls off to play in the competition test, Primary Girls and coach Gwen wish you all the very best


Remember what Soccer has done for you. Lessons learned will help, your whole life through

Believe and achieve and you’ll be a star and your confidence will take you far!



‘Oh the places you’ll go and the people you’ll meet!’ (Dr Seuss)